Upper and Short St.

oil on board 24"x24" 2019

This painting has humble origins. I only started it because originally I was painting a nocturne here. I need my car nearby as I use it to power the lights I work under at night. After around a month of trying and failing to secure this parking spot near dusk, I realized I needed to start showing up before 4 or 5 PM to secure a spot. As anyone in Lexington knows street parking is a hot commodity after 5 PM as it's free while all the garages and lots nearby continue to charge to park there.

Anyway, I needed to be doing something while waiting for dusk and the lights to gradually come on so I started this one. the car in the foreground was originallly a Mercedes that parked for a good few hours midway through working on this but gradually morphed into this sort of Frankentsien vehicle over the next week or two.


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