Dusk at Upper and High

oil on board 24"x30"


This painting was started in late 2018 and painted through March 2019. There were several days it was overcast, frigid, and windy so progress was slow. I was first inclined to paint here early on in June as I admired the view of 21C, the building with arched windows on the upper stories that is barely visible now due to the new construction. I waited too long to return and this what's currently visible. However, I also find this incredibly engaging.

So I'm thinking while writing this .. I wish I had painted this sooner .. a version just showing 21C and perhaps the first couple stories of the new build. I also wish I had more time to give to this one, and I know it's a pain for traffic and urban planning but I wish construction took longer. I'm thinking of old European cathedrals and how construction took several decades, sometimes centuries. I'm just imagining how cool it would be see a monumental structure, like the Duomo in Florence, as a half built skeleton dominating the skyline of the walled city painted plein air against the setting sun or rising moon .. it must have been absolutely breathtaking.

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