Lineup #2

2017 oil on board 20.25"x30"

This painting has been destroyed. After having this painting juried into the Indiana Heritage Arts 2018 show in Nashville,IN and trying to balance a new job and a move to Lexington, KY I had a "friend" pick it up for me at the shows end. Without my permission he decided to paint directly on it in his studio to "fix" what he perceived as problems in the painting. I picked the painting up in Austin, IN and was appalled to see it had been tampered with. I immediately poured turpentine over the entire piece to try and scrub off the newly added layer of shoddy color and brushwork. I managed to get all the new foreign paint off but also took off layers from the original solution you see above. I still have what's left of the painting but keep it out of sight .. looking at it is a bit painful. (aluminum prints available)

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